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5 Reasons You Need An Annual Furnace Tune-Up

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Most homeowners are aware that they should perform routine maintenance on their home heating system, but few actually take it seriously.

If you have been neglecting or ignoring your home heating system, now is the time to understand why a tune-up is so important and how it can affect everything from your energy bills, to extending the life of your system. Here are a few reasons why you should make an annual furnace checkup part of your home maintenance routine.

1. Reduce Energy Bills

A well-tuned furnace will be more efficient and use less energy. Some studies have shown that regular maintenance can save you as much as 30% off your home heating costs. Simple things like changing your filters on a regular basis will increase your savings.

2. Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty

On most good-quality furnaces, you can get a 10-year warranty option. It is not uncommon for a well-maintained furnace to last as long as 20 years. If there comes a day when you do need to cash in on that warranty, they are going to ask for service records to prove that you’ve been taking care of it. If you haven’t been performing your routine annual maintenance with documentation to support it, you’re most likely not going to get the outcome you were hoping for.

3. Ensure Proper Air Flow

During your routine furnace tune-up, the technician should check your heating system to ensure it is receiving the proper airflow. Restricted or limited airflow places an unnecessary strain on your furnace that can lead to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan, not to mention increased energy costs.

4. Reduce Unexpected Repair Costs

Just like performing a routine oil change on your car, a tune-up of your heating system allows a qualified technician to thoroughly inspect your system for signs of wear and catch serious problems before they occur. This can save you from unnecessary emergency repairs or having your furnace crash in the middle of a cold night.

5. Keeps You Safe

Furnaces burn fuel to produce heat. This combustion process must be precise to maintain efficiency and safety. Even a small problem can lead to gas leaking into your home or dangerous carbon monoxide levels. Don’t take a chance with the health and safety of you and your family.

At Key Heating & Air Conditioning we advocate for routine maintenance regardless of the type of system you have (heating or cooling). We offer maintenance services on all types of heating and cooling equipment, including all makes and models. Join our Safety & Efficiency Membership Program and receive 20% off all our tune-up and maintenance services, as well as annual reminder calls to help you schedule service.

Click here to learn more or schedule your annual tune-up service.

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