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furnace maintenance


Become A Member Today!

Key understands that your home’s heating and cooling systems are an investment. Our Safety & Efficiency (S&E) Membership Program will enhance the safety and extend the life of your residential heating and cooling systems, in addition to saving you money off any service or repairs.


To ensure your complete peace of mind year round we offer an exclusive 23-point precision tune-up and professional cleaning once or twice a year to ensure your system is running at peak performance, and help you avoid unnecessary service calls.​ Safety & Efficiency Members also benefit from annual maintenance reminders, as well as exclusive offers and discounts.

Routine Maintenance Advantages

  • Saves Energy: A clean heating and cooling system can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 30 percent.

  • Extends the Life of Your Investment: The life of a gas or oil heating and air conditioning system can be extended by up to 40 percent.

  • Reduces Unexpected Repair Costs: When the equipment is maintained on a regular basis, minor adjustments will not turn into major repairs.

  • Priority Service: Your file is flagged automatically so your emergency call goes ahead of the “pack.”

  • Peace of Mind: Know that your heating and cooling system is being properly maintained and checked regularly for safety.

Heat pump maintenance

Membership Benefits

  • 20% off all annual maintenance services

  • 20% off all repair parts & labor

  • Reduced rates for anytime service call; day or after-hours

  • Annual maintenance service reminder calls

  • Exclusive offers & discounts

Why Become A Member?

Enrolling in our Safety & Efficiency Program provides your family with peace of mind that your home heating & cooling systems are protected by the HVAC professional at Key Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

You'll never have to worry again about trying to remember when your system was last serviced. We'll contact you to let you know when your system is due for its routine tune-up, and you'll benefit from a 20% reduced price versus non-members. 

System not running right, or making strange sounds? Schedule a service call at the discounted member rate.  Call today for rates and schedule.. It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night or Sunday afternoon, you'll never have to worry about emergency call fees like some other HVAC companies charge. On top of that - you'll save 20% off the cost of any system repairs needed to get you back up and running.


As a member you'll also receive exclusive offers and discounts for services and equipment. Take advantage of special pricing on indoor air quality accessories or filters so your family can breath freely indoors.

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