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Protect Your Investment with an SPD

For every system we install we always recommend a Surge Protector Device (SPD). While they are an accessory you can add onto your home and new HVAC equipment, they are becoming more and more recommended by industry leaders.

Adding an SPD is one more layer of protection that you can do to prevent an electrical surge from disrupting and or permanently damaging your new heat pump, condenser, or furnace.

Here are a few fun facts from NEMA the Surge Protection Institute:

  • The average U.S. home has over $15,000 worth equipment that needs protection.

  • A new era of digitizing home-based equipment and electronics is growing at an unprecedented rate – and so it the need to protect that technology.

  • A simple low-cost surge protector will cost a fraction of the equipment.

  • A SPD limits the chance of fire starting due to a surge event.

  • Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) should no longer be considered an “accessory” to the electrical system – they are a necessity.

  • An SPD will help maintain the reliability and operation of equipment by limiting the amount of surge current flowing in electrical equipment due to electrical surge events.

Sources of Surges

A common source for surges generated inside a building are devices that switch power on and off. This can be anything from a simple thermostat switch operating a heating element to a switch-mode power supply found on many devices. Surges that originate from outside the home can include those due to lightning and utility grid switching.

On average a typical building or home experiences a surge up to 150 times a month. America’s dependence on connected devices and smart electronics establishes a need to protect the safe and reliable operation of such equipment that is susceptible to electrical surges. Those include the computer, smart phone, or tablet you are reading this blog on right now. The heating or cooling systems making you comfortable and the smart TV and connected games you or your family enjoy.

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