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Heat Pumps: 7 Common Myths & Facts

Heat Pump

Thousands of heat pumps have been installed across New England in homes and businesses. They are currently one of the most popular heating systems because they offer highly efficient heating, air conditioning, air filtration, and dehumidification. Let’s examine some common myths about heat pumps.

1. Myth: Heat pumps need backup in the cold

Fact: As long as a heat pump system is properly designed, there should be no need for backup. Some heat pumps work at temperatures as low as negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit. It is increasingly common for new houses to be heating and cooled exclusively with heat pumps. Older homes are also converting exclusively to heat pumps.

2. Myth: Heat pumps aren’t efficient in the cold.

Fact: Though they lose efficiency as the outdoor temperature drops, even at temperatures near zero degrees Fahrenheit, heat pumps can be nearly 200% efficient.

3. Myth: Heat pumps only work in super insulated homes.

Fact: Properly sized heat pumps can be used to heat virtually any indoor residential space.

Outdoor Heat Pump

4. Myth: Turning down heat pumps at night saves energy.

Fact: While this is true for furnaces and boilers, it is not true for heat pumps. Heat pumps save the most energy when allowed to maintain a constant temperature. That’s why we recommend that people “set it and forget it.”

5. Myth: To maximize overall efficiency, use your heat pumps in mild weather when they are most efficient, and use your furnace or boiler in the dead of winter when it is more efficient.

Fact: While it’s true that heat pumps lose efficiency in very cold weather, they are far more efficient than furnaces and boilers, even at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Myth: When switching exclusively to heat pumps, you need to leave your boiler on to prevent it from leaking.

Fact: Rather than leaving your boiler on, you can install new gaskets to drain it if it is not going to be used.

7. Myth: When switching exclusively to heat pumps you need to leave your boiler on to prevent pipes from freezing.

Fact: Rather than leaving your boiler on, you can insulate the basement walls or add some antifreeze to the distribution system.

To learn more about how heat pumps can keep your family comfortable year round contact Key Heating & Air Conditioning.

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