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Filter Tips

Extend the life of your HVAC system. The most common reason for system shut downs are typically due to a very clogged air filter. Don’t wait for your annual maintenance to change your filter!

Here is a handy guide:

Vacation home or single occupant home – No Pets or Allergies – Change every 6-12 months

Average suburban home – No Pets or Allergies – Change every 90 days

Add a Cat/Dog – Change every 60 days

Multiple Pets or have allergies – Change every 20-45 days

Avoid The Freeze Up. In the summer time when your AC is working its hardest it can easily become taxed and freeze up the coil due to lack of air flow. Once the coil is frozen it just has to melt…along with everyone else in the house! You can avoid this by making sure your filter is new and clean at the beginning of each season and kept clean throughout the AC season.

Wrong Way? Ensure you are putting your filter in the correct way. Putting a filter in backwards can cause your furnace to work extra hard and working your furnaces components extra hard is never a good thing!

Don’t forget your accessories! Do you have a humidifier for the dry winter months? That has a filter or a canister that needs attention too.

Grab the Sharpie! Don’t forget to jot down the date on the new filter each time you change it. The best place to make your mark is on any exposed edge of the filter or canister so that you can make reference to it prior to removal.

Stock Up! The best way to ensure your HVAC systems are ready for each season and will be able to handle the heavy use is to ensure you have a healthy stock of filters on hand. There are many filter services available on line and Key HVAC also offers a filter program that will ship all your filter accessories to your door!

10 Best Filters of 2019 ( Click here to check of some of the best filters already rated BEST in 2019.

Happy Breathing Everyone!

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