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Everything You Need to Know About the Bosch IDS Plus Heat Pump

Everything You Need to Know About the Bosch IDS Plus Heat Pump

For over a century, Bosch has been dedicated to serving communities since its founding in 1886. They strive to be leaders in environmental responsibility, particularly when it comes to powering your home. Bosch is the leading source of home comfort products, including their inverter ducted split heat pumps, and strive to provide excellent dependable systems.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a system that uses electricity to move heat from one place to another as a means of controlling the climate within your home. Heat pumps are a unique system that combine cooling and heating into one unit, so you won’t have to pay for a separate air conditioner or furnace for your home. They are designed with an indoor distribution system and outdoor system, in which the outdoor system captures heat from the air outside and distributes the heat to the indoor distribution system.

There are two different types of heat pumps; ducted and ductless. A ductless heat pump needs one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units to distribute heat in your home, whereas a ducted heat pump uses a network of ducts to circulate heat throughout your home.

What is an IDS Heat Pump?

In relation to heat pumps, IDS stands for Inverter Ducted Split. This means that heat or cool air is distributed throughout the home through ductwork connected to vents in each room. An inverted ducted split HVAC system has no continuous “on” or “off” cycle. Instead, it uses less energy through maintaining the temperature set on a thermostat, and controlling the running time of the system.

IDS Plus, the Best Selling Heat Pump from Bosch

Bosch features an entire line of IDS heat pumps that compliment Bosch’s objective of manufacturing  heating and cooling systems that are reliable, effective, and more environmentally friendly than competitors. Their most popular model is the IDS Plus, due to its high efficiency and longevity.

Bosch IDS Plus Features Stellar SEER and HSPF Ratings

The Bosch IDS Plus achieves above average SEER and HSPF ratings than its other competitors. SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”, and this rating shows how effective your heat pump is at providing cool air to your home during peak times, such as summer. HSPF stands for “Heating Seasonal Performance Factor”. This refers to the rating that measures how effective your heat pump is at pumping warm air into your home during peak times, such as during the winter season. The IDS Plus stands out for having an impressive SEER rating of 18.5, surpassing the industry average rating of 16, and an HSPF rating of 9.5, exceeding the industry average of 8.8.

A Quieter Heat Pump Option: The Bosch IDS Plus

On average, most outdoor heat pumps deliver around 60 decibels of sound. Bosch heat pumps are specially designed to offer a quieter solution for your home. The IDS plus features direct drive fan blades, which provide vortex suppression to keep the volume of the system low, even at the highest speeds. This allows the IDS plus to provide sound levels as low as 56 decibels, so you won’t have to deal with a loud HVAC system.

A High Performance Heat Pump With Better Reliability

The Bosch IDS Plus is a great option for those who want a ducted heat pump that is effective and dependable while still remaining affordable. On average, the Bosch IDS plus has a lifespan of 10 - 15 years, which is typical of most heat pumps on the market, yet it is designed to provide a better heating and cooling experience than its competitors.

The IDS plus combines the efficiency and reliability of the Bosch BOVB18 Split System Heat Pump with the Bosch BVA2.0 Air Handler.  It features a two-stage constant torque electronically communicated motor, allowing the system to have exceptional performance across different operating speeds while not sacrificing dependability.

Rely on a Specialist to Install Your Heat Pump

Concerning the installation of your ductless heat pump, leave it to the HVAC professionals. It’s tempting to want to try installing your new system yourself, but attempting an install with no experience is a project that takes much longer with a higher chance of mistakes being made. When you hire a professional installer, you are recruiting a specialist who has installed hundreds of heat pumps, and will ensure that every correct step is taken in the installation process and double check for any issues.

Rebates and Tax Credits for the Bosch IDS Plus

Deciding to switch to a new IDS system can be costly, however the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act can provide you with a federal tax credit of up to $2,000 towards the cost of the Bosch IDS Plus and any installation you may need. Click here to learn more about this opportunity to save money on your next heating and cooling upgrades.

Choose Key Heating & Cooling to Install Your Bosch IDS Plus

When it comes down to deciding where you should hire a professional for your heat pump installation, choose Key Heating & Cooling. We have been in the business of installing heat pumps for over 30 years, with thousands of successful installations across the seacoast and lakes region. Our expert technicians are specialized in installing Bosch heat pumps quickly and efficiently. To schedule your heat pump consultation, contact us or give us a call at 603-436-8811 and discover an upgraded experience with a Bosch IDS Plus.

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Learn all about the Bosch IDS Plus Heat Pump from an HVAC Contractor. This system offers energy-efficient heating and cooling with advanced technology for quiet, reliable performance. An HVAC contractor can explain its benefits, handle installation, and provide maintenance to ensure it operates at its best year-round.

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