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R22 System Replacement
R22 Freon

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R-22 Phase Out

R-22 refrigerant is a chemical that keeps the air coming from your air conditioning system cool.

Most air conditioning systems installed before 2010 utilize air conditioning refrigerant called R-22, commonly known as Freon.

The U.S. EPA considers R-22 Freon an ozone-depleting agent and as part of the international agreement known as “The Montreal Protocol”, groups around the world have phased out this harmful chemical.​

What Is R-22?

If Your System Uses R-22...

Freon prices have hiked significantly over the past few years because of the ban and shortages will likely increase costs even more. New refrigerant will no longer be available for use at all after 2020, with the exception of recycled quantities.

To be clear, the EPA regulates the production and use of this refrigerant, but not your system. You aren’t required by law to replace your air conditioner, but at some point, your AC will quit running and need to be replaced.

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Stay the course until you’re forced to make a change. If your system was installed after 2010, free of refrigerant leaks, properly maintained and operating well, it’s possible that it could last for years without needing more refrigerant. Routine maintenance and inspections are imperative.


Is your system prone to refrigerant leaks and regularly needs to be topped off? We can perform a leak & search test to identify the location of your leak. Depending on the location, a repair can be made. If a repair is made you may still face problems down the road as this is not a long-term solution.


Replace your system with modern equipment that uses new refrigerant. Replacing your R-22 based equipment now will eliminate the risk of expensive emergency repairs and provide you with a more energy efficient system. Plus, it’s the environmentally responsible thing to do.

Owners of older air conditioning systems have a decision to make:

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