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Reduced APR  SYF Plan 970 5.99% 60 Months

Maximum financing values/amounts do apply per system. See Comfort Advisor for more details prior to applying for York Financing. 

York Promotional Financing

0% 24 MONTHS

SYF Plan 925

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Challenged credit?

(Equipment replacement only)

Having less than perfect credit shouldn't stop you from having a comfortable home! You can now apply for the system replacement you and your family need.

1. TIME PAYMENT: Key is informed of application approval and any other documents that are necessary through Time Payment.  Once any necessary documents are satisfied by Time Payment installation work will commence.  For any questions relating to this program, you can call 877-872-1532.   Monthly payment is a function of the customer’s credit score. Time Payment is a finance company that specializes in leasing.  Time Payment works off of internal costs and our customer’s payments do not float against fluctuations in the prime rate, as banks and most loans do.  Payments are fixed, regardless of how high prime rate increases or if the customer has issues making the monthly payments.  Time Payment does lien property and the payments do not change, even if an unexpected life-event takes place, which causes the customer to miss a payment or be very late.   A customer needs to be past 30 days late before Time Payment will report that negativity to the credit bureaus. The customer has all the security of ownership, with the protection of a lease.  The Lease to Own program, provides for 24, 36, 48 or 60 equal payments and the obligation is met, with the customer owning the equipment.

For finance questions and assistance:

Marie M. Sherrill