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Key understands that your home’s heating and cooling systems are an investment. Our Safety & Efficiency(S&E) Membership Program will enhance the safety and extend the life of your residential heating and cooling systems. To ensure your complete peace of mind year round we offer, with the partnership of Honeywell, a monitoring service to help spot trouble before it happens, ensure your system is running at peak performance, generate a system reports, help you avoid unnecessary service calls which will save you money.

The S&E program provides you with an exclusive 23-point precision tune-up and professional cleaning once or twice a year. The S&E Membership Program helps keep your heating and cooling systems operating safely, efficiently and effectively.

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Planned Maintenance Advantages & Full Membership Benefits

  • Saves Energy A clean heating and cooling system can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 30 percent.
  • Extends the Life of Your Investment The life of a gas or oil heating and air conditioning system can be extended by up to 40 percent.
  • Reduces Unexpected Repair Costs When the equipment is maintained on a regular basis, minor adjustments will not turn into major repairs.
  • Priority Service Your file is flagged automatically so your emergency call goes ahead of the “pack.”
  • Peace of Mind Know that your heating and cooling system is being properly maintained and checked regularly for safety.

S&E Features

Our qualified service technicians check:

  • Thermostat operation and calibration.
  • Units for proper refrigerant charge.
  • Indoor and clean outdoor condenser coils.
  • Temperature across evaporator and/or heat exchanger.
  • All wiring connections and terminals.
  • Belts and sheaves, when applicable.
  • Voltage and amperage on all motors and compressors.
  • All contactors and relays for operation and condition.
  • Overall operation and condition of equipment
  • They also check and clean gas, oil furnace or boiler, including nozzle, oil filter and pump strainer, where applicable.
  • Check and clean condensate drain lines and pumps.
  • Inspect and adjust all safety controls.
  • Monitor unit for excessive vibration and noise.
  • Provide and replace standard one-inch filters and clean any permanent air filters.

READY TO SIGN UP AND BEGIN SAVING MONEY ON THOSE HIGH UTILITY BILLS? Ready to be notified of a system problem before it becomes a really big problem? READY FOR PEACE OF MIND WHILE AWAY?

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Full S&E Membership Benefits

  • No Daytime Diagnostic Fee**
  • 20% Discount on All Parts and Labor1
  • Priority Emergency Service
  • Annual Renewals
  • Email Reminders & Calls
  • Annual & Bi Annual Maintenance
  • And many more

Your coverage begins once our qualified service technician approves your system for this program and payment is received. Key Heating & Air Conditioning reserves the right to disqualify any system that does not meet the minimum standards of this program. This contract is not binding on either party until accepted by Key Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. All scheduling is performed by Key Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Please call us at 603-436-8811 with questions. We are always happy to assist.

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