Jeff Stone

The people at key are genuine fantastic people from there office help all the way down … Classy professional intelligent always thinking of their customers. Jeff Stone

Robin Tufts

Very professional in all aspects of the services they provide. They stand behind the products they sell and service. They are prompt and their prices are reasonable. Super high quality. Robin Tufts

Jeannine Dempsey

We had a great experience, however, I wasn’t shown how to use the system & have had to figure it out myself. The price was great & the workers were prompt & courteous they just left without showing me how anything worked. Jeannine Dempsey

Nicholas Starr

I was introduced to Key in 1996 by the contractor who was working on my pre-revolutionary house. Key has supplied our gas furnace, water heater, and central air conditioning. They know how to install up-to-date equipment in a 270-year-old house. Nicholas Starr

Kevin Roy

“When our company needs a contractor to install a new heating and cooling system, as well as service existing systems, we can rely on Key Heating & Air Conditioning to provide the quality service that we demand. In today’s ever-changing world of technology, it is of utmost importance to work with a company that is […]

Edward W. Probert, Jr.

“We feel fortunate to have had a long relationship with Key Heating & Air Conditioning that now spans over ten years. You have served our heating and air conditioning needs in both our previous residence in Rye, New Hampshire, and now more recently in Newburyport during our renovation. From routine service to an extensive renovation […]

Anne Landau

“I am a single mother in the New Hampshire Seacoast with a young child and full-time job so it is nice to know I can count on Key Heating & Air Conditioning to answer the phone and meet me at my property to look at, and take care of, any issues which may arise. Jon […]